The Risk Not Taken
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The Risk Not Taken

The Risk Not Taken (2011)

You are streaming the movie The Risk Not Taken (2011) has Adventure Animation Short Genres and produced in Germany with 8 min runtime. Streaming at and directed by Alex Glawion,

“The Risk not Taken” is a story about making the right decisions. Can one calculate the inherent risks of imminent decisions and take full responsibility for their outcome? Should one be allowed to make decisions of this magnitude for others? With the symbolic omnipotent sphere, the main character holds the world’s fate in his hands. The decision is his whether to use this power to improve life for many, yet at the same time might risk a catastrophe, or to separate himself from this power, and take the safer, more long lasting path. As he ponders and envisions the possible risks involved if he were to use the power, as well as what he would lose if he made the wrong decision, symbolized by the woman and child, he decides against this burden of power and lets go of the power and lets the sphere fall so as not to be tempted to change his mind.

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